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GS9 is a simple procedural scripting language created by Alexandru Simion.
It was designed for usage in C/C++ applications, especially in games.
GS9 has a simplified C like syntax with some extended features and it
works similar to other popular scripting languages, like Lua or GameMonkey.


GS9 is small, simple and easy to use.
The C like syntax makes it almost instant accessible to all C/C++ programmers.
GS9 is free to use in personal non-commercial projects, without redistribute rights.
It's fast enough to use in games, even for per-frame purposes (AI, game's logic, etc).
It's comparable in speed and usage with other similar scripting languages.
It has basic types like float, string, table, but also function, memory pointer and c++ object.
Useful libraries for math, strings, tables, etc. Ease to add more.
It's sources are easy to modify or adjust for any project requirements.
It's easy on memory allocations using reference counter and memory allocators.
GS9 supports more virtual machines, running scripts in parallel on the same environment.
GS9 is portable and tested in PC and MAC applications.
The GS9 book is written for people who never programmed before.

How does it look? Here is a small example:
  func main()
    t = ["zero", "one", "two", "three"];
    for( i = 0; i < sizeof(t); i++ )
      println( t[i] );


Copyright 2021 all rights reserved - Alexandru Simion

You are NOT allowed to redistribute, or share the original, or the modified GS9 source code. You are allowed to download, modify and use the GS9 sources for your own personal non-commercial projects.

This means you can not sell, or share the GS9 source code (original or modified), alone, or along with your project source code. You can't add it to Github, or make it available for download on your website or anywhere else.

To obtain a license for use in a commercial project, please contact me directly.


The latest GS9 version is v3.02 date 220124. It was rewritten and optimized, running now 5 to 10 times faster then the previous version and in some cases even faster than LUA 5 (that's pretty fast).

The documentation is presented in chm format as a book written also for people without any programming knowledge. The download includes the GS9 console application used to run the examples. And you can read the book online too.

For detailed informations on version changes, you can check the history.txt file.

Latest version:
GS9 book v3.02 #230124
GS9 sources v3.02 #230124

Many thanks to:
Frans van Nispen for some speed optimizations,
Radu Bolovan for the Mac port.


The first version of GS9 was used in Saboteur95 for scripting menus and cut-scenes.

GS9 v2.2 is used by the author in DizzyAGE, a game engine heavily based on scripting. You can check DizzyAGE games for lots of examples of GS9 scripts.

If you have used GS9 in a software you created and you want to be listed here, contact me. You can also register as a GS9 user and you will be informed of any updates or news about it.


You can contact me at:


Simion's website root: www.simion.co.uk
Saboteur95 website: www.simion.co.uk/saboteur
DizzyAGE website: www.yolkfolk.com/dizzyage
Dizzy and The Other Side: www.yolkfolk.com/tos
RenePhoto personal photo gallery: www.simion.co.uk/renephoto

last updated: november 2022