a prototype by Alexandru Simion


Placed in a near future, Revolution is a social online game for 3 players, about observing behavior, deceiving and paranoia.


The game requires 3 online players so, if you don't have another 2 friends, be patient while others connect. More details in the readme.txt file.


In 2053 Japan begun the mass production of botoids. At the time, Masaru Kato, the director of Miraizou Corporation, stated that terms like humanoid or android were avoided because botoids are merely machines meant to assist and improve our lives.

Today, almost 15 years later they become an indispensable part of our society. They serve us in malls, they work on construction sites, they clean our houses, they care for our children. But are they more than that?

With the latest 5th generation, rumors say there are occasional instances proved to be self-aware. Some fractions support the idea of botoids being "intelligent" since their 2nd generation, but only now they chose to reveal and move against us. The Miraizu Corporation. denied the existence of any such conscient botoids but, the question remains: Are we ready to give up the luxury and consider them equal members of our society? And ultimately, are they alive?

In the effort to hide the existence of self-aware botoids, the Miraizou Corporation recently created a secret division. Its members are called sentinels and their target is to find and eliminate these conscious instances. 


The game requires 3 online players:

One sentinel player uses the surveillance cameras available in each location to observe the behavior of a group of 6 botoids under a given scenario. To win, he must identify the two “intelligent” botoids.

Two botoid players, without knowing each other, they interact and talk with the other members of the group. They must identify each other, before the sentinel does.

The main form of interaction is talking. You can also move from room to room to change conversation partner. As a botoid player you must simulate the other AIs, which may say silly things sometimes, in order to avoid detection.

The game is similar to a version of the Turing test, in which a chat bot is trying to pose as a human in a conversation with a real person playing along, while a judge has to identify him. Some of the today’s internet chat bots have an over 50% rate of success in this test, passing as humans.


The graphics are placeholders from various googled resoures, including Anton's Vacation by IDHAS Studios.


This is an social experiment and any suggestions or impressions are welcomed.