SABOTEUR 95 by Alexandru Simion
 Walk-through by Cristina Simion

 This is a basic guideline showing how to finish
Saboteur 95. However, there are more than one solutions.
I will refer to the rooms using their indexes.

11D pipe up 6H shortcut
 As you start, you fall in room 9D. These first rooms
we will call 'the starting area' or 'the roof of the
 Go left and climb the pipe to 10B and open 11D.
 Jump over the barrel in 6D (by jumping from 7D!) and
continue. In 5A open 4E, then in 4B open 13D.

 Note the pass in 3G (ENDOR for 6H)
 Note the pass in 5H (EXODUS for 20H)
 In 6H you can take the shortcut to 5L using the pass

6L below 8L undergrounds 10J teleporter 8I dangerous 13I bridge
 You can return now a bit, if you used the shortcut,
to note the pass for 7J.
 6J can be opened from 5I and 4K from 5J. 4I from 3J,
 3K from 5K.
 Important in 3K is the pass for 7J (SHEENA)
 In 6L open 13I that is a bridge pretty far.
 In 8L open 8J. Remember 8L because you will return 
here. It is the gate to the underground tunnels, 
but now it is blocked.

 In 9J there's a hidden passage to the right, to 10J
where you will need a pass not encountered yet. In
11J there's a hidden stair behind the right crate.
Go down to 12J that is blocked now, but remember it,
because you will be opening it later.

 In 8I you will have a dangerous jump, make sure you
do it with all your energy.

 In 7J you have the chance to return to the starting 
area, using the teleporter with the SHEENA pass. You
will be sent to 11A, on the roof.

18H escape remote 12C roof
 Go right and down, to 13I bridge. Cross it and get 
the pass for 10J (ONTARO). In 13H open 16G. Go there.
In 19G open 22H. In 21G open 21H.

 Go to 22H and take left to 18H. Here you open a very 
important gate from 5A, that is the way to your 
escape. So now you must choose if you run for it
or go deeper into more action. 
 If you want to escape quickly, go to 20H and use 
teleporter to the roof (EXODUS pass is needed).
There go left to 4A and take the helicopter.
 If not, teleport as well and open 16H from the roof,
in 12C. 

 Now you can also choose your path. You can 
return to 16H from where you can teleport to 10K. 
In 11K open 8L, the way to the underground tunnels 
and use the teleporter from 10K to quickly go there.
 Or you can explore the east part of the building.
Let's do so!

22L crossroads 21M hell pit 20I radar remote 21O endurance 19S no turning back 16R important
 Return to 22H and go down.
 In 23I open your path to 25J.
 23K is an important room. You will be able to return 
here later and so 22L. Here you will open 19L. Go 
there and be careful. You might not want do go down 
yet... If you fall, and survive the hell pit, you
can return by teleporting back to 22L.

 From 22L you can go to 23M and open the gate from
itself. In 23L you open the gate from 24M. In 24L you 
are suggested the next password (IDAHO). Use it in
25L and get teleported to 19M. Yes, that's in the 
hell pit. Survive and return to 22L. Nothing special 
to gain from this, except the chance to risk your life!

 Go up in 19K and go left. Climb to the radar device
and use it. This is the secondary sabotage element.
 In 18N open 17K. Then go right and manage your energy
till you reach 24N to set the bridge in 18K. Teleport 
back to 17K from 23P. Now you can go to 18L to open
 Go down. In 23Q cut the lasers from 20Q where you open
the passage from 12J.
 In 19S is a non-turning point. If you jump down, you 
cannot return right back on the platform.
 In 17S you open 16R (this is important)
 In 21S open 17T to gain access to the teleporter
from 16T. This teleporter will get you back in the
starting area, in 8B.
8H lasers off
 When you are in 10J and have the ONTARO pass, you can
teleport to the Egypt area. 
 Reach 6G to open 9F. In 5F get the pass for 7H 
(SANDOR) where you close the lasers from 8H. There
you open the the gate in 10E.
 In 9F open 5G. Here you open 8L if you didn't do 
that already from 11K. So 8L can be opened from these 
two locations.
 Exit the Egypt area by using the teleporter from
11G. It will take you to 9I.

14S underwater 2O offices 7M remote 10Q the head 16T quick escape
 Now go to 8L and jump in the pit. In 8M open 10O.
In 17M open 12T. In 14L open 10S. In 16P open 10T.
In 15O open 15Q. 
 Now, in 14P go down on the second stair, and hidden
in the water of 14S you will find a computer to open
 In 5T open 11T, in 10T open 4T.
 You must go to 3R to open 7Q gate.
 In the 7Q room you get the password for 6S (BATTORY).

 In 6S enter pass (BATTORY) and teleport to 3N next to
the office area. Here go to 3O and open 7N. 
In 7M open the important gate from 12P.

 Now go to the Head rooms, to the 6P computer that 
activate the Head access. In 10Q sabotage the primary
objective, The Head.

 A 10 minutes countdown to compound explosion is 
started. You must escape to the helicopter on the roof.
Of course you should have opened it from 18H.
 There are two ways to reach the roof from here. One
is the long way by returning through the left side of
the building. The short way requires free path to the
computer in 16T that gets you right in the starting 
area. So, in 15T you decide: up (long) or left (short).

4A helicopter
 When you reach it, use the helicopter in 4A and watch
the ending.
 If you have sabotaged the radar, it will be present 
as the helicopter rises. Also the head will laugh
in the GameOver page.

 I hope this walk-through was useful to you. 
 So, what do you say ? Can you do it yourself now ?

SABOTEUR 95 - Alexandru Simion 2005