Saboteur 95 is a new edition of the game I made back in 1995. It's almost identical, with only a few improvements. Because of that, some informations provided in game may be obsolete and were only kept for fidelity purposes.
  The first edition was running in DOS and was programmed in Pascal. This new one works in Windows and requires DirectX 8 compatible system. It uses a new engine written in Visual C++.

  Most of the graphics and sounds are captured from other games.
A list of them is provided in game, as a respect for their authors.

Huge enemy complex (almost 400 rooms).
Vast network of computers, gates and teleporters.
4 available characters, including original ninja from Saboteur.
Confront mean guardians, guns, fire, water, and lot of danger.
More than one ending path. You can run for your life, or you can choose to fully accomplish your mission.
Secret areas, shortcuts, in-game map and cheats.
320x200 resolution, windowed or full-screen with scale option.
Forum, cd covers, walk-through and other stuff...

Saboteur 95 is a free fun-game provided as it is.
You should not be charged for it and you may not sell it.
SABOTEUR 95 - Alexandru Simion 2005